About us


  • Bhimthadi Foundation is a Section 8 company established to empower women through skill development, Product development, Branding, and marketing of their products in Maharashtra.
  • Bhimthadi has its own well-known brand and is connected with around 3000 SHGs across Maharashtra, providing them with start-to-end support under a single roof.
  • Bhimthadi organizes large exhibitions for these SHGs in various districts of Maharashtra to create networking with big or small entrepreneurs and provide them a platform to directly connect with customers
  • Bhimthadi Jatra, a carnival organized by Bhimthadi, has had a footfall of 4 lakh visitors each year for the past 12 years with a positive response.
  • The idea is to bring all the SHGs and individual micro-enterprises engaged in common food products under a single roof and a common brand, Bhimthadi


To empower women socio-economically and enrich them on leadership skills so as to enable them to flourish in the business arena by providing a way with a platform to interact with their prospective clientele and thus ensuring a substantial contribution in the financial growth of the country


  • Women empowerment through skill development, Capacity building training, Existing Recipe Standardization, Quality Control, Nutritional Labelling & Attractive Packaging,  branding and marketing of their products to provide them a better customer reach throughout the Maharashtra and bring their products at local, national and international level.
  • Financial & Social women empowerment of SHG’s, Individual Microentrepreneurs etc
  • To create awareness in business arena for women. Educate them in business skills and make them self-sufficient.

  • To groom and compete at National & International entrepreneurship
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